Two puzzling questions about the perpetrator of the border incident.. An Israeli delegation to Egypt again

Today, Thursday, an Israeli security delegation will head to Cairo to discuss the results of the investigation into The incident of the soldier carrying out the border operation Which took place on June 3, and resulted in the death of 3 Israelis and the wounding of two others.

According to what was revealed by the Israeli media, a delegation from the Israeli army will go to Cairo to discuss the investigation into the incident, and for its members to present the results to Egyptian officials. The Israeli military investigation into the incident And knowing the answer to two questions that baffle Tel Aviv.

According to the Israeli media, the delegation will seek clarifications from the Egyptian side regarding the soldier, and whether he was acting alone or carrying out the attack on a religious background, as well as to discuss how the soldier knew about the special emergency hole in the security fence on the border, claiming that the Israeli army units themselves Those present in the place were not aware of their existence.

The day before yesterday, the Israeli army revealed the results of its investigation into the incident, and said in an official statement that an Egyptian soldier infiltrated from the Egyptian border into Israeli territory through one of the security passages in the fence, and fired at the commander of a platoon of the “Cheetah” battalion, who is First Sergeant Uri Yitzhak Iluz and the fighter of the battalion, Sergeant Lia Bin Noun, while they were performing the task of protecting the area, which resulted in the killing of the two.

He said that several hours later, the soldier was spotted shooting from a long distance at an IDF force, which returned fire, adding that during the exchange of fire, the liaison soldier of the Faran Brigade commander, First Sergeant Ohad Shimon Dahan, was killed, while he was killed. One of Qassas Al-Athar’s soldiers was slightly wounded, while the Egyptian soldier was killed.

The investigation revealed that the main reasons for the accident were the security corridor in the fence, and the non-quality practice of the principle of insurance and guarding in the border area with Egypt.

The Israeli army admitted failure in some tasks and decided to block the security passages at the border fence, and to shorten the period of continuous service for Israeli soldiers to less than 12 continuous hours.

The army decided to punish some commanders because of the incident, as it decided to reprimand the commander of the “80 Division” due to his overall responsibility for the incident and failure to monitor the implementation of the regulations, to relieve the brigade commander from his position and transfer him to another position, and to reprimand the commander of the “Fahd” battalion due to his responsibility for applying the method of activating his forces. , and suspended his promotion in the army for 5 years.

After the accident, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi received a call from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the repercussions.

The official spokesman for Egypt’s presidency stated that the two sides stressed the importance of full coordination to uncover all the circumstances of the incident, and the intention to continue work and coordination in the context of bilateral relations, and to strive to achieve a just and comprehensive peace and maintain stability in the region.

Egypt received the body of the soldier who carried out the accident, and he was buried in his family’s graves in the village of Al-Ammar, Toukh Center, in Qalyubia.

Egypt announced the details of the incident, as the military spokesman said that one of the security personnel in charge of securing the international border line chased the drug smuggling elements, and during the chase the security personnel breached the security barrier and exchanged fire, which led to the death of 3 Israeli soldiers and the wounding of 2 others, in addition to The death of the Egyptian security personnel during the exchange of fire.

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