Watch the Nottingham massacre suspect try to sneak in to attack others

Public surveillance camera, spotted The African, who was arrested by British police last Tuesday, is suspected of stabbing three Britons to death It dawned on that day in the city of Nottingham, England, as he was trying to sneak into a homeless shelter in the city in the dark, but one of the residents or workers in it pushed him with some wood or a tool, with which he was forced to retract his intention to attack other than those whose blood he shed.

In the video, which was shown exclusively by the British newspaper “The Sun” on its website, and was later reported by most local media, we see the infiltrator wearing what looks like a black hat on his face. A neighbor of the shelter appeared, looking at him from afar, trying to sneak in.

The immigrant from a West African country, according to what the police said, killed a 19-year-old student, named Barnaby Webber, known among his colleagues at the University of Nottingham as a talented “cricket” player, and he was walking with his 19-year-old classmate Grace Kumar as well, when they were stabbed with a knife. They are a 5-minute walk from where they live in a university hostel, then he killed a third person, fifty years old, stole his van and ran over 3 others with it, one of whom is still in critical condition in the hospital.

The police still exclude any terrorist hypothesis from what he committed of the triple murders, and tend to believe that he is mentally ill, according to what concluded from its review of the latest developments about him in the British local media, with evidence that the police are no longer looking for another person involved in the massacre.

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