We do not seek to clash with Moscow in the skies of Syria

The Pentagon confirmed that the Russian Air Force continues to provoke the US Air Force in Syria, and at the same time, the US Armed Forces Command confirms that the US side does not seek to engage the Russian side and calls for compliance with previous agreements between Moscow and Washington regarding preventing accidents in the skies of Syria.

“I don’t think they (the Russian armed forces) want conflict, direct conflict with the United States, and we certainly don’t want direct conflict with Russia,” said Alexus Grinkevich, commander of the US Central Command’s air forces, at a forum organized by Defense Time newspaper on Thursday. My suggestions have always been for them to go back to adhering to professional conduct protocols [في الجو]”.

He pointed out that the Russian Air Force does not give up attempts to put pressure on the US Air Force in the Syrian airspace.

“I will say that only in the last few days and until this morning (June 14) the Russians continued to show such provocative behaviour, and it seems to me that they do not realize that their options for action are very limited, while the United States has much more options for action,” Grinkevich added. In terms of the forces we can use here.”

He noted that the Russians “continue to try to get us out of our way and put pressure on us,” and, “I would like to say that they will not succeed and will not be able in any way to get us out of this airspace, unless they actually use military force, which will not end well for them.” “.

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