An amazing scientific breakthrough and fear for the future of humans.. “human embryos” without eggs or sperm!

US and British researchers say they have created the world’s first artificial human embryo-like structures from stem cells, bypassing the need for eggs and sperm, according to The Guardian.

And at a time when science seems to be able to transcend all limits, this breakthrough came to raise hopes and fear in equal measure, perhaps.

The scientific breakthrough, which was recorded as a result of cooperation between the University of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was reported by The Guardian, suggests that a person is close to achieving the birth of a human being without the need for a sperm or even an egg.

Synthetic model embryos, so named, are embryos created from stem cells that resemble those found in the early stages of human development. And while scientists boast that the breakthrough could help research into genetic disorders, the achievement raises ethical and legal issues, as well as the amount of Fear for the future of people.

Embryos grown in the laboratory do not contain a beating heart or even the beginnings of a brain, but do include cells that usually develop into the placenta and yolk sac of the fetus itself, but it is not yet clear whether these embryos have the ability to continue to mature beyond this stage, or even Growth within an organism, which eventually leads to pregnancy.

The embryos experiment was previously conducted on female monkeys and mice, but none of them resulted in pregnancy.

Scientists are currently only allowed to grow embryos in the lab up to the legal limit of 14 days and it would be illegal to implant them into a patient’s uterus until now.

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