Believe it or not.. Astronomical numbers for renting houses and hotels outside Khartoum!

As they say, “A people’s misfortunes are benefits for a people,” and in proof of this saying, the homeowners took advantage of the influx of Khartoum citizens into the various cities of Sudan, outside the scope of The ongoing conflict between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces in Khartoum And the Darfur region to double the value of renting houses, hotels and apartments in an unprecedented manner, compared to the rental value before the outbreak of the conflict on April 15 in Sudan.

rents in Sudan

Astronomical numbers!

Sudanese cities recorded astronomical figures in the prices of renting houses, hotels and apartments. In the city of Port Sudan, for example, the rental value ranged between 250 thousand pounds, equivalent to approximately 500 US dollars, and between 700 thousand Sudanese pounds, equivalent to approximately 1200 US dollars on average, according to What journalist Saeed Youssef, who lives in Port Sudan, told

As for the price of accommodation in a room in star hotels in the city of Port Sudan, it jumped to 120 US dollars per night, and Youssef indicated that these mythical prices are likely to rise even more, especially with the increasing rates of influx of citizens fleeing the hell of war, as the Red Sea State receives additional crowds around the clock.

Port Sudan is Sudan’s main port on the Red Sea coast, about 826 km east of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

rents in Sudan

rents in Sudan

Crossing the million mark!

In the city of Madani, the center of the Gezira state in central Sudan, about 181 km south of Khartoum, the value of renting residential apartments exceeded the barrier of one million Sudanese pounds per month, equivalent to approximately two thousand US dollars, in exchange for ensuring the provision of electricity and water services without interruption, as there is an electric generator. For urgent intervention when the government power is cut off, as confirmed by the brokers who entice those coming to pay that exorbitant value.

Commenting on this matter, one of the mediators attributed the doubling of prices in this crazy way to the flow of citizens fleeing the hell of war in Khartoum towards the adjacent Gezira State in huge numbers. The mediator added to that the rental prices of housing in Madani did not exceed 150,000 Sudanese pounds, which is equivalent to About $250 at best, but with the conditions of the war, everything changed, he says.

Al-Waseet concluded his speech to by pointing out that there are homeowners and apartment owners who sometimes seek help without logic and without taking into account the circumstances of the arrivals, as they now require payment of the return in hard currency and the payment of at least three months’ rent.

An emergency order to catch the crazy tide!

While citizens denounced the insane rise and considered it a frightening approach and greedy behavior that exploited the needs of citizens fleeing the hell of war in the worst exploitation. However, another group believes that the issue is not greed, but rather a basic and well-established principle in the law of supply and demand and the rules of scarcity and abundance in the markets.

Finally, to curb the frightening, crazy tide, the governor of the island, in charge, Ismail Awad Allah Al-Aqib, issued an emergency order last week to set the rent prices for apartments and hotels in the state, threatening violators of the official order with imprisonment or a fine.

The aforementioned emergency order specified that the price per day for a first-class furnished apartment not exceed 30,000 pounds, 10,000 pounds per room, and 7,000 pounds for a “second-class” furnished apartment. indicates that the aforementioned decision came to control the prices of hotel apartments after their owners exploited the expatriate citizens of the state.

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