Did Shakira really enter the “happy” stage… and who is Pique’s “grim”?

Shakira’s news has returned to the fore again with the repetition of the name of the world champion in Formula 1 racing, British Lewis Hamilton.

And Spanish newspapers cast doubts about the existence of a romantic relationship between Shakira Hamilton, which goes beyond friendship, but rather to say that they showed signs of affection and exchanged kisses in front of close individuals.

Lewis Hamilton

What raises doubts about the development of this relationship is what witnesses in the Formula race indicated that they saw them exchanging embraces in an intimate way, noting that it was not the first time that they were monitored by cameras, as they spent time together during the Miami Grand Prix.

After the race, they went out to dinner, and went sailing with a group of friends in Miami Beach the next day.

And direct sources from Shakira’s family confirmed that the relationship between the two stars is in its early stages, describing it as the beginning of a “happy” stage for the Colombian singer.

And Marca newspaper indicated that Shakira and Hamilton had known each other for a while and were friends, but their relationship began to develop during the Formula 1 race in Miami,

Shakira’s separation from Pique had a profound impact on her, and it took her a long time to recover. Although she still feels hurt and resentful, the situation seems to be improving, according to Marca.

Shakira, 45, and Barcelona soccer star Gerard Pique, 35, separated last year after a 12-year relationship and had two children, Milan and Sasha, after the singer discovered that the former Barcelona defender was cheating on her.

Shakira was heading to Barcelona and as soon as she arrived, she went to watch the race at the Montmelo circuit, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca.

It is noteworthy that for a while, romantic rumors haunted Shakira, as her name was linked to American actor Tom Cruise and American basketball player Jimmy Butler.

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