“Not the Ancient Egyptians”

A wave of controversy and widespread reactions, sparked by several posts by the Egyptian artist Noha Al-Amrousi, in which she asserts that the ancient Egyptians were not the builders of the pyramids, and that the pyramids were not tombs for the kings of Egypt in the Pharaonic era.

Al-Amrousi published a series of posts through her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”, in the first of which she said: “The builders of the pyramids are not the ancient Egyptians. I know that you will reward me for your teeth, but it is not important.”

She added, “I am searching for the truth, and the truth says that our ancestors were not the ones who built the pyramids, and the pyramids are not tombs at all. This is a story beyond your imagination.”

And she continued, saying in the same post: “But those who control the planet and make us hypnotic and obscure our minds deceived us with the story of this Khufu tomb. Come on, they quickly insulted me and made me ignorant.”

As for the second entry, I wrote in it, “Okay, look for the Sumerian tablets, especially the 11th tablet that Enki (Enki is one of the most important deities in Sumerian mythology) wrote in it details about building the pyramids. These tablets were buried under mud thousands of years ago and they found them in Iraq.”

Al-Amrousi mentioned: “I think these are antiquities and archaeologists have proven that they are archaeological, not modern. I mean, the valley is Hama, who is standing on the corner, wrote it and buried it in the mud so that he wants to see a trend as you say exactly Enki .. He is Ptah.”

As for the third post, Al-Amrousi revealed the real builders of the pyramids, as she said: “The builders of the pyramids are not human in the first place, not of the human race, and their giant statues are their original height, not an exaggeration for them.”

And in her latest controversial tweets, Al-Amrousi wrote: “I will not argue with anyone, I am declaring the truth in a time that hates the truth, for people who have fallen into obscurity and love liars and make heroes out of paper, people who are addicted to deception and take any inherited information as if it is certainty because this is much more comforting than culture, knowledge and fatigue.” They insulted me as much as they could, and they insulted me too, and they ignored me, accusing me that my goal is to trend because this reflects what is inside you and your awareness, every vessel exudes what is in it.. I am the one who differentiates with me that there are a few of you whose awareness is wide and their minds are enlightened. You can make an effort, search, revolve and reach the truth. Instead of sitting entrapped on the Internet, spitting and fading away from God’s creation, separate with me. If only one of you worked hard, read and researched, as for the rest who imprisoned their minds and put them in a box and locked them with bolts, they continued and added the bolts. Life is choices.”


The Egyptian artist’s posts received widespread reactions on social media, as some considered the idea greater than the capabilities of the human mind, as one of her followers commented, saying: “It is really a huge and amazing achievement for makes us say more than this, but if we understand, we will know that only what separated them About us is the strong faith and continuous work that made them work miracles that defy the mind.” While others considered it looking to draw attention and lead the trend.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Noha Al-Amrousi, had raised controversy earlier with her statement, in which she denied that there was no torment in the grave, which exposed her to an attack by the public.

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