The first clear picture of the accused of the “Nottingham” massacre in England

Valdo Calocane, who is suspected of stabbing 3 Britons to death and wounding 3 others at dawn last Tuesday, was charged with committing 3 murders today, Friday, in the city of “Nottingham” in central England, according to what the British police announced about the person who was born 31 years ago in the western country of “Guinea-Bissau”. Africa.

The police, who did not press charges based on terrorism laws, accused Faldo Caloocan, who will appear Saturday before a local court in the city, of carrying out 3 murder attempts, injuring 3 other people by hitting them with a small “van”, one of whom is still in critical condition in the hospital.

Caloocan had stabbed a 19-year-old male and female student, as well as a 65-year-old school employee, according to Nottinghamshire Police Chief Kate Mennell, in a statement.

In the statement, she also said, “These charges are an important development and come after an in-depth investigation into these terrible incidents in our city,” explaining what Al had previously mentioned in a report it published today, which is that Caloocan was a former student at the University of Nottingham and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. As for his photo, it was published today by the British Daily Mail.

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