They lost $ 20 million .. Prince Harry and Megan end the “Spotify” partnership

A multi-year deal between Prince Harry, the youngest son of Britain’s monarch, and his wife, Meghan, with streaming giant Spotify to produce podcasts has ended, after broadcasting just one season.

The Swedish company announced its partnership with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in late 2020 after they gave up their royal duties and moved to California, and media outlets estimated the value of the deal at about $20 million or more.

And broadcast 12 episodes of Megan’s podcast entitled (Archtypes), or “Models”, which Spotify described as “an investigation, dissection and demolition of slogans that try to undermine women”, and Megan hosted many famous personalities such as Mariah Carey and Serena Williams.

The Duchess was named Best Entertainment Podcast Host at the Gracie Awards in March.

Spotify and the royal couple’s company said in a joint statement that the contract had been terminated.

“Spotify and Archiel Audio have agreed to terminate their contract and are proud of their podcasting together,” the statement read.

A Wall Street Journal report said the couple did not meet the production standards required to receive their full dues from the deal, the terms of which were not announced when it was signed.

The radio deal is one of the lucrative deals the couple signed upon moving to the United States.

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