A terrifying warning… This is how our looks will look after 70 years due to working from home!

Working from home.. is the habit that has prevailed around the world since the Corona virus invaded the borders and spread to every part of the world. After 3 years of the spread of the deadly disease, and after the death of the pandemic itself, “work from home” continued to dominate all businesses around the world. However, there are terrifying warnings about this habit that dominates young and old workers.

Recently, a company making furniture for work provided a virtual model for the forms of remote workers andThat’s 70 years from now. The model dubbed “Anna” accounts for the many physical effects due to the constant use of technology.

Model Anna and the problems she can face

The Furniture At Work team created Anna after research from the University of Leeds found that a third of remote workers in the UK do not have a dedicated workspace at home.

Anna model

To visualize the implications of not having a suitable place to work at home, the company explained what the remote worker could look like in the future.

Working from bed has taken its toll on Anna, who hunches her back and shoulders while staring at a screen all day, resulting in red, swollen eyes.

Long hours of using the mouse caused her fingers to wrinkle into a claw-like shape. She also fell victim to weight gain, a weakened immune system due to insufficient fresh air, anxiety and depression.

“Teleworkers should take regular breaks to stretch and move their bodies to help avoid back and neck pain,” said Brian Clark, founder of United Medical Education.

He added, “Creating a workspace with comfortable furniture is also important for setting clear boundaries between work and personal time.”

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