On his birthday, King Charles revives a tradition abandoned by his mother 3 decades ago

Despite his mother’s abandonment of him nearly three decades ago, King Charles, 74, revived a tradition as he celebrated his first official birthday on the British throne.

Today, Saturday, Charles participated in the first military parade to officially celebrate his birthday in a royal capacity, as he rode a horse and inspected the soldiers during the annual event that has been held since 1760.

The military parade, known as Trooping the Callar, comes weeks after Charles was crowned king on May 6.

Soldiers in scarlet coats and fur hats participated in the parade while military bands played music.

By appearing on horseback, Charles restored a tradition that his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, abandoned in 1986 when she was 60.

In the annual honoring of the king by the British army, the soldiers gave the royal salute to British King Charles, who inspected the soldiers in front of an audience of eight thousand people.

His eldest son William, Prince of Wales, his sister Princess Anne and his brother the Duke of Edinburgh also appeared on horseback, behind them the Queen and Princess of Wales in a carriage.

Returning to Buckingham Palace afterwards, King Charles gathered with his family on the building’s famous balcony to watch the flight of about 70 military aircraft and helicopters.

The military parade to celebrate the monarch’s official birthday is usually held in June, while Charles celebrates his actual birthday on November 14.

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