Pictures of the missing Egyptians.. New details of the Greek boat sinking

The accounts of the families of the Egyptian youth, who were on board the sunken Greek boat, revealed new details about the accident, the fate of their children, and the identity of some of the accused.

Two of the young men’s relatives in Egypt told that a number of Egyptians in Greece and Italy told them that the number of Egyptians on board exceeded about 79 people, including young boys, most of them from villages in the governorates of Sharkia, Menoufia and Assiut, and they learned that some of them had survived. But dozens are still missing.

The accounts of the families revealed that their children boarded the boat from Libya and not from Egypt, as they traveled to Libya first and then boarded the boat to travel to Italy.

Ashraf Ghorab, the brother of one of the survivors, revealed to that his brother Ahmed Ghorab was accused by the Greek authorities, among 6 others, of human trafficking, involvement in sinking the boat and endangering others, adding that he assigned a lawyer to defend him during his interrogation the day after tomorrow, Monday.

Mohamed El-Sharkawy, an Egyptian who resides in Italy and headed to Greece to search for his brother and cousins ​​who were on board the boat, said that the Greek authorities announced that 80 bodies of the young men who were on board the boat had been found after they were pulled out of the water, denying that the boat sank and hinting, according to a video he published. On his Facebook page, he indicated that there were hidden hands in his drowning.

Al-Sharkawy said that the Greek authorities are holding 6 Egyptians in Kalamata prison, including the boat captain, indicating that their ages range from 25 to 40 years, and among them are Ahmed Ghorab, Abdullah Attia and Mohamed Marzouk.

In the context, the pages of Egyptian expatriates in Italy and Greece on the communication sites published pictures of some of the surviving and missing Egyptians, as well as pictures of Egyptians who survived the accident and were transferred to hospitals, while the Egyptian embassy in Greece is following up the repercussions of the accident and is communicating with the Greek authorities to find out the fate of the missing and recover the bodies of the victims to verify the identity And the number of Egyptian victims, and the status of survivors whose identity has been identified to provide them with the necessary services.

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