Russia responds to an attack on the “Druzhba” refinery…and increases the production of its tanks

The military operation continues in Ukraine, and in its latest field developments, the governor of the Russian Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz, announced today, Saturday, that the Russian air defense systems repelled an attack on the “Druzhba” oil refinery in the province.

Bogomaz said on his channel on “Telegram”: “The air defense units of the Russian Armed Forces repelled, at night, in the Novozybkovsky city area, an attack by the Ukrainian forces on the “Druzhba” oil refinery, and thanks to the professionalism of our forces, the air defense systems shot down 3 drones.

In light of the escalation of fighting in Ukraine and counterattack operations, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced today, Saturday, that the size and borders of the buffer zone in Ukraine will depend on the extent of Ukrainian weapons, from which it is necessary to secure Russian lands.

“No, it depends on the types of weapons that Ukraine has, and the more tactical and technical characteristics of weapons in Ukraine, the greater this distance, and the main goal is clear,” Peskov told “TASS” agency, in response to a question about whether the possible borders of such an area have been identified. So that these weapons do not reach Russian citizens.”

In response to a question about whether there is a deadline after which the creation of such a “buffer zone” will begin, Peskov indicated that this process has actually been underway “for a year and a half”, and “there can be no new or old” buffer zone, There will only be one area, and this is a continuation of the work that is being done.”

Increase tank production

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on June 13 that Russia, if the bombing of its regions continues, will have to establish a “buffer zone” on the territory of Ukraine.

In the context, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced a request to increase the production of tanks and heavy flamethrower systems from the defense industries complex.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stressed the need to expand production capacities for the production of tanks and heavy flamethrower systems, to meet the needs of the Russian forces and to perform the tasks of the special military operation in Ukraine.

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