Sharks appear again in Egypt and the government explains what happened?

Egypt revealed details of what was reported about the appearance Sharks Accompanied by fishermen in the Mediterranean waters in Alexandria Governorate.

And the Alexandria Governorate said in an official statement that pictures spread on social media showing a fisherman holding some small sharks that he caught from the sea in front of the El-Max area in Alexandria, which raised some questions about the presence of sharks in those areas.

And she explained that the experts of the Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries in Alexandria confirmed that the image circulated with one of the fishermen is of a newly born baby shark, which is of the type “Isurus oxyrinchus” and does not represent any danger to the region.

She added that the experts of the Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries denied what is being circulated about the presence of small sharks in the Al-Max area, whose waters are mixed waters, and the presence of Al-Max pumps also prevents entry, explaining that the fisherman threw spinning or nets more than 3 kilometers from the beach in a parallel area. for the Max area.

According to the Alexandria Governorate statement, experts confirmed that this species does not live in this region, but rather lives in deep places, and its presence during this period is normal because it is the mating season for sharks, whether in the Red Sea or the Mediterranean, noting that there are some types of shark-like fish sold in the Max markets. Some citizens want to buy it because of its relatively cheap price, and this has been happening for decades in this region, and it is not a new event.

Pictures were circulating of Egyptian fishermen with sharks in the Max area in the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria Governorate, north of Egypt, which caused a sensation.

The pioneers of communication circulated pictures of fishermen holding small sharks that they managed to catch during a fishing trip near the shores of Alexandria, which sparked terror, especially since the incident comes days after a shark devoured a Russian tourist in the waters of the Red Sea.

The authorities urgently denied the existence of sharks in Alexandria. Mohamed Abdel Razek, head of the Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts, said that contacts with sheikhs of fishermen, divers and specialists confirmed that these fish are not found on the beaches, and that they are found in the Mediterranean in general and very far from the beaches.

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