She revealed Sahar that prompted her to kill him.. New details about eating the body of her child in Egypt

The Egyptian accused of killing her child and cooking his corpse and eating it revealed new details, as she said during her trial session today in the Zagazig Criminal Court, that she was subjected to magic that caused her to commit her crime.

The accused added that one of the sheikhs assured her that she was subjected to magic and that she must do anything to break it and get rid of it, adding that she killed her child in order to get rid of the magic, according to what inspired her thinking.

She mentioned that she was exposed to some strange and suspicious things, and she went to the sheikh, who assured her that what she was exposed to was magic, stressing that she felt comfortable after killing and cooking her child.

The court decided to postpone hearing the case until the day after tomorrow, Monday, to plead and hear the evidence witnesses.

Shocking crime details

The Egyptian Public Prosecution had revealed the details of the horrific crime that took place in the Sharkia Governorate a few weeks ago, which included the slaughter of a woman of her 5-year-old child and the cooking and eating of his corpse.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution announced that the mother had confessed to committing the crime, and a team of investigators found evidence confirming the incident.

The Public Prosecution stated that it had received a report from the Faqous Police Station in Sharkia Governorate, stating that the mother had killed her son, dismembered his body, and hid his body parts in her home, noting that she had found all parts of the child’s body, as well as the two crime weapons and traces of blood throughout the house.

During the investigations, the accused confessed the details of her commission of the crime – according to what the prosecution stated – and also revealed her motives and motives behind it, how she planned and executed it, and simulated how she committed it at the scene of the incident.

The Public Prosecution confirmed that it did not prove the imbalance of the accused’s mental powers or her psychological health as a reason for her commission of the crime, which the investigations did not result in, but rather reached the opposite, adding that many witnesses and evidence, whether during the inspection procedures, or the interrogation of the accused or the question of witnesses, confirmed the validity and integrity of her mental and psychological powers. . The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the accused pending investigations.

The village of Abu Shalabi, affiliated to the Faqous Center in Sharkia Governorate, witnessed the shocking incident, as the mother killed her 5-year-old child, cooked his corpse and ate parts of it, according to eyewitnesses.

The mother said that she was worried about her child, so she decided to slaughter and cut him up, while it turned out that the woman had been separated from her husband for about three years, and she was living alone with her son in her own house in the village.

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