Trump is ahead of Biden by 6 points, despite the criminal charges

Ex-president of the United States Donald Trump In a new poll on current President Joe Biden, by 6 points in a hypothetical election for the 2024 presidential race, according to The Hill newspaper, which conducted the poll by Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll.

The poll found that 45 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump if the 2024 election were held today between the former president and Biden, while 39 percent said they would support Biden. And 15 percent said they weren’t sure or didn’t know.

Those numbers are down slightly from the newspaper’s last Harvard CAPS-Harris poll in May, which found 47% support Trump while 40% said Biden.

The latest poll numbers, broken down by party, found that 86 percent of Republicans would support Trump, while 77 percent of Democrats said the same for Biden.

“The impeachment of former President Trump had no effect on his lead against Joe Biden, whose job satisfaction rating remains at 43 percent,” said Mark Penn, co-director of the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also led, 41 percent, compared to 40 percent for Joe Biden.

The poll comes as Trump is widely seen as the front-runner in the 2024 Republican Party, followed by DeSantis in second place.

Thirteen Republicans joined the presidential primaries, raising questions about whether the GOP could coalesce around an alternative candidate to Trump.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll was conducted between June 14 and June 15 with the participation of 2,090 respondents.

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