A female lawyer lured him to a residential unit.. A new incident involving the burial of an Egyptian doctor in his clinic

The Egyptian prosecution revealed new and shocking details about The incident of the disappearance of a doctor and his murder by his colleagues for stealing it.

The prosecution decided to detain the accused, Ahmed Shehta, a doctor at the Nasser Institute Hospital, a worker in his clinic, and a lawyer related to her, in pretrial detention pending investigations, accusing them of killing the doctor, Osama Tawfiq, stealing him and burying him in a hole in his clinic.

The Public Prosecution also revealed that it had received a notification last Monday that Osama Tawfiq – an orthopedic doctor at Nasser Institute Hospital – had been absent since the fourth of June, when he was on his way to work, turned off his phone and disappeared.

Traces of repairs.. and an unpleasant smell

The prosecution said that the police were able, using modern technologies, to determine the last time and place where he was, as he was accompanied by his friend Ahmed Shehta – an orthopedic doctor in the same hospital – so the police moved to the headquarters of the dead man’s clinic, and discovered the presence of traces of repairs in it, recent excavations and sacks containing excavation waste, as well as the emission of an odor. Foul from the clinic.

The prosecution stated that it moved to the accused’s clinic and discovered that some of its contents had been scattered, as well as traces of blood, digging tools and many medical sheets.

During the examination, the Public Prosecution Office was also able to determine the source of the stench, under a refrigerator in one of the rooms, so it ordered digging under it, where it found the victim’s body, and instructed the forensic doctor to conduct an autopsy on him. To show his injuries, and the cause and manner of his death, along with taking samples from him to extract his genetic fingerprint.

The prosecution decided to examine the traces of blood in the clinic, compare its genetic fingerprint with that of the victim, and examine the medical drugs found in the clinic to indicate their type.

Fire water bottles

In addition, the witnesses confirmed that the accused doctor and his worker had bought building materials from a shop near the clinic over the past two months under the pretext of carrying out repair work in them, and “fire water” bottles under the pretext that there was a blockage in her bathroom, and they only transported them.

During the interrogation of the accused, the friend of the dead doctor, he admitted that he knew that the doctor’s condition had improved financially, and he continued to possess foreign currencies and credit cards, so he agreed with the other defendants last May to steal the victim, after the lawyer lured him to a residential unit rented by the worker under the pretext of signing a home medical examination in it. Then he drugs and robs him.

Cairo investigations had confirmed that the doctor was found buried inside his orthopedic clinic in the Halfawy area of ​​the Egyptian capital.

The examination showed that the mutilated body of Osama Tawfiq, a 30-year-old coastal doctor from the Hyhia Center in Sharkia Governorate, who works as an orthopedist at Nasser Institute Hospital, was found, buried in a hole inside the clinic 4 days after his absence.

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