One document out of dozens may strangle Trump.. What is it?

Thousands of documents pulled from a house US President Donald Trump Many months ago, including dozens of highly secretive, opening the doors to prosecute him with 37 charges in a trial that began last week, the first of its kind against an American president.

However, a single document among those documents may implicate Trump, and close the doors of exoneration in front of him, according to what a number of security experts confirmed, explaining that the former president did not have the legal authority while he was in office to lift the secrecy about it.

Evidence adopted against Trump.. spoken by his tongue?!

So what is that document?

This secret document relates to nuclear weapons and is among dozens of documents that judicial authorities have charged him with illegally possessing.

It is also listed under No. 19 in Trump’s indictment of endangering national security, and it cannot be declassified according to the Nuclear Energy Act except through a process that, according to the statute, requires the participation of the Ministries of Energy and Defense.

For this reason, the experts stressed that this nuclear document is a special case in the indictment, which includes 31 documents, because the declassification of the rest of the documents is possible by an executive order.

Donald Trump (AFP)

In this context, Stephen Aftergood, an expert in the field of government secrecy, said, “The allegation that… Trump He was able to lift the secrecy, which is not relevant in the case of information about nuclear weapons, because secrecy was not imposed on it by an executive order, but by law,” according to Reuters.

Prosecutors will likely argue that declassification is irrelevant here because the charges were leveled against Trump under the Espionage Act, which precedes secrecy and criminalizes the unauthorized retention of “national defense information,” a broad term that includes any secrets that would be useful to an enemy nation.

In turn, a former US national security official familiar with the secrecy system explained, after asking not to be named, that “the situation is very clear … there is nothing to say that the president can make such a decision.”

FRD rated

According to the Department of Energy’s “Understanding Classification of Classification” guidance, the most sensitive nuclear weapons information is classified as RD, an acronym for prohibited data, warhead designs and production of uranium and plutonium.

The Energy Department downgrades the classification to FRD for “previously banned” nuclear data that needs to be shared with the Department of Defense but whose content remains classified, experts said.

Document No. 19 carries a classification (FRD), which means it is classified information related to the use of nuclear weapons. The indictment describes it as undated and containing information “relevant to the nuclear armament of the United States”.

Where secret Trump documents are stored - Reuters

Where secret Trump documents are stored – Reuters

historical precedent

It is noteworthy that Trump was paying in His historic court session On June 13, he was acquitted of federal criminal charges against him of wrongfully retaining national security documents when he left office and lying to officials who sought to recover them.

This plea of ​​innocence came before Judge Jonathan Goodman in a federal court in Miami, launching a thorny legal battle that is likely to continue in the coming months as Trump prepares to launch his campaign to win the presidency in the November 2024 elections.

And 37 charges were brought against him in this case of documents that were found in his home in Mar-a-Lago last year, after a raid by the FBI, after he had been prevented from handing them over for months.

While prosecutors believe that the former president mishandled those documents, which contained some of the country’s most sensitive security secrets, after leaving the White House in 2021.

They also accuse her of keeping material, including documents about the US nuclear program and domestic vulnerabilities in the face of a possible attack, that he knew he should not have kept.

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