Pictures of caviar and evening parties… Lebanese artists on “another planet”!

A photo she posted sparked Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim Controversy between a number of Lebanese on social media.

Some of the tweeters described this behavior as “insensitive”, especially in light of the country’s going through the worst global economic crises in the modern era.

Others blamed the media for creating “society stars”.

However, these comments did not please many of the fans of the famous actress, who announced her engagement period before.

They confirmed that Njeim collected her money from the sweat of her brow, and she is free to travel and enjoy abroad and in the most luxurious hotels as well.

They also considered that the star of “Salon Zahra” did not steal the Lebanese people, but rather collected her money from her fatigue, and she is free to publish whatever she wants on her accounts.

Simultaneously, pictures of the Lebanese actress, Stephanie Saliba, were also published during the past hours, celebrating her birthday, which sparked a wave of criticism and ridicule of these “glamorous appearances” at a time when most Lebanese live below the poverty line. Especially since Saliba was previously arrested on charges related to receiving an apartment as a gift from the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, before she was later released.

However, Nadine and Stephanie are not alone, as there are many others. Dozens of actors and singers in Lebanon, along with other rich people and businessmen, publish all their evening parties and celebrations on the communication sites, amid manifestations of obscene wealth, at a time when most of the Lebanese have been groaning under destitution since 2019, after the currency lost more than 90%. of its purchasing value against the US dollar.

Defenders of the publishers of this content assert that many ordinary people also post aspects of their celebrations.

They invite you to take a look at most of the country’s restaurants, where one does not even find a place to “put one’s finger” as the Lebanese proverb says.

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