She wanted to inspire her followers, so she lost her life… an influential death that ignites China

The beauty challenges spread through social media are no longer just fun, they have entered the stage of danger.

One of the influencers in China lost her life while attending an intensive weight loss camp, which sparked widespread anger in the country.

more than half its weight

The tragedy began while the 21-year-old was trying to lose more than half of her weight to be an inspiration to her followers, and she died suddenly, which sparked controversy about the community of influencers on social networks, according to the American network “CNN”.

Cuihua has been documenting her weight loss journey to her tens of thousands of followers on the Chinese network Douyin, the local Chinese version of TikTok, in an attempt to encourage them in their battles against obesity, as she recently posted several videos of herself undergoing intense training, and said that she weighed 156 kilograms and was You are trying to lose 100 kg.

The late woman shared the videos while she was running and lifting weights intensely, amid information that she had joined several weight-loss camps in different cities, where she had lost more than 27 kilograms in the two months prior to her death.

The radio said that the young woman attended her last camp in Shaanxi Province, just two days before her death.

compensation for the family

It is noteworthy that this tragedy prompted state media to warn of the safety risks in weight-loss camps, amid renewed concerns about the pressures women are subjected to to conform to prevailing beauty standards.

In turn, state media have intensified censorship of influencers, after recurring tragedies of this kind due to challenges on communication applications.

In addition, the influencer’s family received compensation from the camp, while the local authorities opened an investigation into the incident to ensure the camp’s innocence or involvement, especially since the late woman had promoted the nutritious meals, rest and exercise provided to her with intense exercise.

Since then, the influencer’s training videos have been removed from the camp’s account and the photos have been deleted.

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