The counterattack in Ukraine.. the two sides of the conflict claim victories

As it continues Ukrainian counterattack Against the Russian forces in the south of the country, the two sides of the conflict are exchanging victories.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that its forces had launched, on Friday, a strike with long-range, high-precision weapons launched from the air and sea, on one of the decision-making centers of the Ukrainian armed forces.

The strike achieved its goal

In its daily report, it said that the strike achieved its target and the target site was hit, without giving details about its nature.

It also indicated that its forces repelled 6 Ukrainian attacks on the axes of southern Donetsk and Zaporizhia, in addition to destroying 4 self-propelled guns and armored vehicles.

It revealed that Ukraine carried out an attack in Zaporizhia with 3 battalions supported by armored vehicles and tanks, pointing out that most of Kiev’s counter-attacks are concentrated in Zaporizhia.

These developments came at a time when an intelligence report by the British Ministry of Defense stated, today, Sunday, that Ukraine continues its counter-attack, but without making only limited progress.

And that daily briefing indicated that Russia is likely to suffer its largest losses in two months.

Why has the Ukrainian counteroffensive failed to achieve its objectives so far?

It also indicated that the fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian forces has been going on for days, as the battles are intensely concentrated in the regions of Zaporizhia, western Donetsk, and around Bakhmut.

In addition, the British Defense pointed out that the Russian forces are carrying out relatively effective defensive operations in the south, while both sides suffer heavy losses.

Important results

It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, confirmed last week that the counter-attack, which was expected in the spring, but was postponed in order to avoid heavy human losses, is difficult, but it is moving forward.

While many Ukrainian officials confirmed that their country’s forces achieved important results, and recovered several villages that were occupied by the Russians.

However, Moscow played down these “allegations”, asserting that its forces would thwart this attack and bury it in its own land.

Between this and that, many observers expect that the battles will not be easy for the two sides, and that the war will prolong more, in light of the blockage of any horizon for a solution or the possibility of resuming negotiations between the two parties.

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