Video of Putin blowing up a whirlwind.. A paper reveals the secret of the Russians’ withdrawal from Kiev

screenshots Russian President Vladimir Putin During his meeting yesterday, Saturday, with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who headed the delegation of African mediators, in St. Petersburg, northwest Russia, it spread like wildfire during the past hours.

Many Russian journalists and influencers transmitted a video of Putin on Telegram, confirming that he revealed the negotiations that took place with Ukraine last year, in Turkey, and thus turned Ukraine’s narrative upside down.

They pointed out that the Russian president spoke at the meeting about those negotiations that led to the withdrawal of his country’s forces from the regions of Kiev, Sumy and Chernigo, which denies the account presented by Ukraine for this withdrawal at the time.

Putin presents the document!

And the master of the Kremlin appeared yesterday, waving a paper, in front of African leaders at their meeting in St. Petersburg, revealing for the first time what he described as the “negotiation document” that took place between his country and Kiev, stressing that Russia did not undertake to keep it confidential, except that it did not publish it previously.

He also made it clear that the two countries agreed in principle to a draft agreement in the spring of 2022 in Istanbul, but Kiev then refused to sign it, following the voluntary withdrawal of Russian forces in implementation of part of the deal.

Several Russian journalists published a page that revealed the title of the document that was provisionally agreed upon by the two sides, entitled “The Treaty of Permanent Neutrality and Security Guarantees for Ukraine.”

Putin and the document (a picture transmitted by Russian journalists on social media)

They also emphasized that this document disregards the narrative that Ukrainian officials have been presenting, to the effect that the Russian forces “swayed” on their journey towards entering Kiev last year, and their subsequent withdrawal.

Likewise, they considered it exposing Kiev, which bitterly held Moscow responsible for refusing to negotiate or obstructing dialogue!

It is noteworthy that the African mediation delegation called yesterday, Saturday, before the Russian President, to end the “war”, which entered its second year, and presented new proposals for peace.

However, Moscow, which affirmed its permanent readiness for dialogue and negotiation, considered that these proposals are “very difficult to implement”, after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rejected this new diplomatic initiative to put an end to the conflict!

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