Moscow transfers its forces to the Zaporizhia and Bakhmut fronts

While the Ukrainian counterattack continues against Russian forces in the south of the country, the British Ministry of Defense announced that, over the past ten days, Russia has begun to transfer its forces from the eastern bank of the Dnipro River to reinforce the sectors Zaporizhia And Bakhmut.

This potentially includes several thousand troops from the 49th Army, including the 34th Brigade, as well as airborne and marine infantry units.

The air defense redeployment also likely reflects Russia’s perception that a major Ukrainian offensive across the Dnipro is now less likely after the collapse of the Kakhovka Dam and the resulting floods.

Russia said earlier that fierce battles broke out on Sunday across three sectors of the front line in Ukraine, the day after it hosted an African peace mission whose mission did not succeed, whether in Moscow or Kiev.

While an official appointed by Russia revealed that Ukraine had regained the village of Pyatikhatki in the Zaporizhia region in the south of the country, and that its forces were holed up there while being exposed to Russian artillery fire.

“The enemy’s successive attacks yielded results, despite heavy losses,” the official, Vladimir Rogov, added via the Telegram app.

Heavy fighting in Zaporizhia and the vicinity of Bakhmut

British military intelligence said that the fierce fighting in the past days focused on Zaporizhia, western Donetsk and the vicinity of Bakhmut, which was captured by Russian mercenaries last month after a battle that was the longest during this war.

“Ukraine continues offensive operations in all of these areas, and has made little progress,” she added on Twitter.

Russian Wagner forces celebrate the control of Bakhmut

According to British military intelligence’s assessment, Russian defensive operations were “relatively effective in the south”, with both sides suffering heavy losses.

It is noteworthy that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who rarely comments on the course of the war, made two unusually detailed comments a few days ago in which he mocked the Ukrainian offensive and said that Kiev’s forces had “no chance” of overcoming his country’s forces despite their recent acquisition of Western tanks.

His comments appeared aimed at reassuring the Russians at a crucial juncture, nearly 16 months into the conflict, as Ukraine seeks to end a months-long stalemate and reclaim the 18 percent of its territory still under Russian control.

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