Saudi “Scuba” signs an agreement with Airbus to localize the helicopter industry

Said the CEO of Saudi Scuba Company for military industries Fawaz Al-Aqeel said today, Monday, that the company signed an agreement with Airbus to localize the civil and military helicopter industry in the Kingdom.

Al-Aqeel added to Saudi TV that the agreement between Scuba and Airbus is unprecedented, and aims to localize the helicopter industry in Saudi Arabia, in its various civil and military versions.

He explained that the company expects investments of more than 25 billion riyals ($6.67 billion) over 20 years.

According to Al-Aqeel; The agreement is expected to provide about 8,000 job opportunities.

Scuba Military Industries Company joined the list of partners for the 2024 World Defense Exhibition, after the two parties signed an agreement under which Scuba becomes the main partner of the exhibition.

It is noteworthy that the Global Defense Exhibition is a global platform that attracts government agencies in the Kingdom and major local and international companies operating in the fields of the defense industry, to draw the features of the future of defense through many programs and events that last over five days in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

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