The support forces violated the armistice.. and attacked the Tawila area

Today, Monday, the Sudanese army accused the Rapid Support Forces of killing 15 civilians in attacks on Tawila, North Darfur, over two days.

“breach of the truce”

The army said in a statement that elements of the Rapid Support Forces attacked the Tawila area for the second day in a row, “in clear violation of the truce that has been in force since yesterday.”

15 dead

The statement added that the Rapid Support Forces committed “grave violations against the citizens of the region over the two days, which included killing 15 and wounding dozens of unarmed civilians, in addition to burning the market, looting a large number of shops, and displacing hundreds of citizens of the region.”

“attack on support”

It is noteworthy that the Rapid Support Forces announced in a statement that the army launched an attack on its forces while they were moving, accompanied by the International Red Cross mission, to evacuate 35 wounded soldiers who were in the Naval Military Hospital.

It is noteworthy that the intensity of the aerial bombardment had increased in the last two days, before Saudi Arabia and the United States, the sponsors of the dialogue, announced that the two major military forces in Sudan had agreed on a new truce that would extend for 72 hours, in order to facilitate the passage of humanitarian aid.

2000 dead

The conflict, which erupted on April 15, killed more than 2,000 people, according to the latest figures from the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED). However, the actual numbers may be much higher, according to aid agencies and international organizations.

The battles have also forced more than 2.2 million people to flee, more than 528,000 of whom have sought refuge in neighboring countries, according to the International Organization for Migration.

While more than 149,000 people crossed into Chad on the border with the Darfur region, where the situation is of increasing concern, especially in El Geneina, the center of West Darfur state, one of the five states of the region.

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