The West is trying to destabilize Russia

accused the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov Today, Monday, the West attempted to undermine the stability of the Russian domestic political scene before the presidential elections scheduled for next year.

He added, during a meeting of the “United Russia Party” on international cooperation and support for citizens abroad, that “the West openly aims to undermine internal political stability in Russia, especially in the context of the presidential elections,” pointing to “the continuation of the evil practice of interference in internal affairs.” sovereign states,” according to Russian media.

He also explained that “the forms of this interference are very diverse, including threats, extortion and the organization of color revolutions.”

He said, “The bloody coup in Ukraine, which succeeded in 2014, tried to be repeated after 6 years in Belarus, to no avail.” “It is clear that it will not stop there,” he added.

It is noteworthy that Lavrov emphasized more than once the West’s attempts to destabilize Russia, and that his country succeeded in thwarting these plans to divide and isolate it.

President Vladimir Putin also stressed that “conspirators” are increasingly trying to destabilize Russia and the need to counter this.

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