We do not accept a change in the status quo in Taiwan

The US Secretary of State confirmed Anthony Blinken Discussing with China is the best way to manage bilateral relations between the two countries, pointing out that Washington does not accept changing the status quo in Taiwan and supports a peaceful solution.

He added, at a press conference at the end of his visit to China, today, Monday, that his country manages a complex relationship with China through diplomatic means, pointing out that he invited the Chinese foreign minister to visit Washington to complete the discussions.

He explained that his country trusts China’s support to ensure global food security and the continuation of grain exports from Ukraine.

He also stressed support for securing global supply chains in accordance with the principle of fair trade.

He said he stressed to Chinese officials the need to pressure Russia to end the war in Ukraine.

In addition, he made it clear that American companies want to stay in the Chinese market, and otherwise it would be dangerous, pointing out that he raised to Chinese officials the American concerns about the practices of Chinese companies.

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