What is going on?.. Has Ukraine stopped its counterattack?

Days after the announcement of the start of the Ukrainian forces Its counterattack against its Russian counterpartKiev apparently halted its campaign against Moscow-held areas.

A new study published by the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW) on Monday revealed that Ukraine has stopped its counterattack on Russian-controlled areas, with the aim of reevaluating its war strategy.


Colonel Margo Grossberg, director of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Centre, said he estimated the world would not see an attack in the next seven days.

The center also continued that these reports are consistent with its recent observations about the scope and approach of local Ukrainian counter-attacks in the southern and eastern parts of the country, explaining that Ukraine has not yet entered most of its available forces into counter-attack operations, and does not seem to have started the main efforts of the operation.

Why has the Ukrainian counteroffensive failed to achieve its objectives so far?

He also pointed out that stopping the process is common in major offensive missions, and this temporary pause does not mean the end of Ukraine’s counterattack, but rather a temporary pause.

This announcement came two days after an American report, published by the Wall Street Journal, suggested that the Ukrainian campaign might stop. It noted that Ukrainian forces had mostly halted their advance in recent days as the leadership in Kiev re-examined tactics.

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It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, confirmed last week that the counter-attack, which was expected in the spring, but was postponed in order to avoid heavy human losses, is difficult, but it is moving forward.

Why did Kiev conceal the launch of its counterattack.. Tactics or losses?

While many Ukrainian officials confirmed that their country’s forces achieved important results, and recovered several villages that were occupied by the Russians.

However, Moscow played down these “allegations”, asserting that its forces would thwart this attack and bury it in its own land.

Between this and that, many observers expect that the battles will not be easy for the two sides, and that the war will prolong more, in light of the blockage of any horizon for a solution or the possibility of resuming negotiations between the two parties.

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