A humanitarian gesture by a Sudanese lawyer with her clients sparked communication

The announcement of a young Sudanese lawyer to waive all her financial dues towards her clients because of the war in Sudan, along with her wishes for them good health and dignity, was met with praise.

In the details, the lawyer, Shaima T.A., announced in a post on her personal Facebook account yesterday, Monday, “I – Shaima Taj Al-Sir, the lawyer – declare that I am safe for anyone I ask for a debt, especially my clients, and especially those who are unable to communicate with me because of the damned war, May God bless you, and I do not want any of you to bear the burden of religion.”

Shaima added in touching words: “I am – real – it suffices me to reassure you, that you are fine, and far from places of danger, and it suffices me that one day you chose to deal with me, and you gave me this confidence, and I hope to see you on a thousand good in a tolerant homeland sooner Not later.” Shaima Taj Al-Sir’s clients are a mixture of civil lawsuits, personal statuses, companies, and business names.

Lawyer Shaima told that she was surprised by the great hospitality with which the announcement was received, especially since the volume of comments and interaction was great, as she said, and that she is very grateful for that.

The lawyer confirmed that her decision to forgive her clients’ debts stemmed from her feeling that people are going through severe hardship due to the current war, and that her clients who have debts with them could be concerned about how to pay them, so she decided to lift their embarrassment and remove their worry.

Shaimaa hoped that her step would turn into a message and motivation for other lawyers to follow the same approach in an effort to solve the problems of the largest number of people.

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