A teaching assistant at the Faculty of Medicine was caught trying to kill his professor by firing squad in an Egyptian hospital

The Egyptian security services arrested a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Medicine at Tanta University in the north of the country, after he tried to shoot his professor dead inside a government hospital.

The authorities received a report that a doctor had attempted to assault a full-time professor in the cardiology and chest department at the University Hospital in Tanta inside the hospital with a firearm, which led to his injury and a state of panic and panic among patients and hospital staff.

Investigations revealed that the teaching assistant, “Ahmed S.R.”, from the village of Nawag, Tanta Center, assaulted Dr. Abdel-Hadi Taha, emeritus professor of cardiology at the university, inside the hospital. Immediately, the accused was arrested and kept in possession of 13 bullets.

It turned out that the cause of the incident was the outbreak of previous disputes between the two parties, against the background of the university professor transferring the teaching assistant from the cardiology department to the anatomy department.

Investigations revealed that the teaching assistant came to the hospital with a firearm and proceeded to kill his teacher after he chased and chased him in the hospital, shooting him, but divine providence saved him.

Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, moved to the scene of the incident, and Dr. Mahmoud Zaki, the university president, was notified to take legal measures, while the teaching assistant was referred to the prosecution, which undertook the investigation.

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