Sudan.. The price of a gas cylinder on “Al Farin” Island has risen to $50

Follow the shoe by the shoe The infection of the chronic crises of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, before the April 15 war, moved south to the city of Madani, the center of the Jazira state in central Sudan, and the ordeal and suffering of those fleeing the hell of war strongly shed light on the suffering of the citizens there.

Over the past days, Madani seemed similar to the capital, Khartoum, in terms of the traffic congestion crisis in the streets of the city center, especially at peak hours and sometimes extending into the night. The rows of vehicles lined up in front of the refueling stations also brought to mind scenes reproduced from chronic crises in Khartoum before the outbreak of the war.

In the same context, the suffering of the residents of the city of Madani increased with the electricity and water service, as the city is witnessing an acute crisis in the electrical and water supply in light of the scorching summer, and the suffering has increased on the shoulders of the city after it turned into a main destination for huge numbers of people fleeing the raging hell of war. The suffering of a civilian did not stop at that point, as an acute crisis of cooking gas spread, as the price of one gas cylinder on the black market exceeded 25 thousand Sudanese pounds, which is equivalent to approximately 50 US dollars.

In the context, the official authorities on the island recognized the existence of a suffocating traffic crisis, and began proposing temporary solutions, including opening new lanes, diverting some roads to become one-way, and maintaining other roads. The state authorities attributed the aggravation of the crisis to the city’s reception of large numbers of arrivals to the state.

Madani is one of the most important cities in central Sudan, approximately 181 km south of Khartoum, and is considered one of the largest cities adjacent to the capital.

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