Terrifying video.. A young man attacks a woman and her daughter in broad daylight

A video clip documented by a surveillance camera in Bordeaux, southwestern France, showed a young man brutally assaulting a woman and her child in broad daylight.

And the clip monitored the young man while he was waiting for the mother and the child while they were standing in front of the door of their house in the street, waiting for the opportunity to pounce on them, apparently motivated by theft.

But it seems that the mother was suspicious of his appearance, which prompted her to enter quickly and tried to close the door, but he pounced on them brutally, pushed the door, then dragged them with extreme violence into the street and threw them like a ball in his hand.

And he was not satisfied with that, as he threw the child away again to search for the loot that he had prepared for her, and with their resistance, he feared that his matter would be exposed, so he quickly fled from the scene of the incident.

French media reported that the attacker was known to the police and had a criminal record, and he was arrested following this horrific incident.

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