Watch… a Turkish driver miraculously rescued from under his car, which sank due to torrential rains

The heavy rains that were falling intermittently in the Turkish capital, Ankara, from 5 days until Tuesday morning, led to severe material damage to shops and homes located on the lower floors, as well as to buses, amid warnings issued by the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Authority, in which it called on the residents of the capital to exercise caution. .

Pictures and videos showed torrential rains in the streets of Ankara, as a result of the heavy rains the city has been witnessing since the end of last week, something that has been repeated repeatedly in the Turkish capital, in which the ruling Justice and Development Party accuses the Republican People’s Party to which the mayor of Ankara belongs. , neglecting the infrastructure and public facilities.

According to a video clip circulating on social media in Turkey, a driver tried to open the door of his car to get out of it after it was flooded, but he first suffered from the flood waters that filled his car, which led to his loss of balance.

The driver fell under his car before pedestrians helped him and rescued him, as they had to lift his car and miraculously get him out from under it.

It is expected that rain will fall tomorrow, Wednesday, as well, according to the Turkish meteorologist, which in turn warned the residents of Ankara of torrential rains that may sweep again the streets of the capital, as it will lead to stopping traffic in some areas.

The rains forced drivers in Ankara this morning to stop moving, but the floods caused new problems for them.

Employees and workers were also unable to reach their jobs due to the heavy rain, a scene that is constantly repeated in the capital, Ankara, when the weather is bad.

The torrents have turned into a point of controversy between the ruling party and the main opposition party in the country, the “Republican People”, as both sides exchange accusations against each other.

Turkish sources revealed to that “the Ankara municipality’s mishandling of natural disasters may eventually lead to the opposition losing its presidency after the upcoming local elections.”

While the Justice and Development Party accuses the main opposition party of neglecting infrastructure and public utilities, the second party insists that such problems that the capital suffers from when it rains is due to the former mayor of the ruling party.

About 9 months before the date of the local elections, the ruling party is working to restore the municipalities of Ankara and Istanbul, which they lost in the last local elections in the country in 2019.

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