3 killed in an Israeli drone strike that targeted a car in the West Bank

Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondent reported, on Wednesday evening, that the Israeli army killed, using a march in the northern West Bank, three individuals inside a car at the northern Al-Jalama checkpoint. Embryo.

The Israeli army said that an army drone targeted a car carrying gunmen who opened fire on Israeli areas near the city of Jenin, and succeeded in eliminating its occupants.

The army indicated that gunmen had carried out a number of shooting operations towards Israeli towns in the West Bank recently.

And the Palestinian News Agency reported that three people were killed when a car they were traveling in was targeted. The agency stated that an Israeli plane targeted the car with a missile in the Al-Muqibela Airport Plain area near the town of Al-Jalama, and quoted the Palestinian Civil Defense as saying that its crews were able to reach the area and extinguish the burning fire, in which “there were 3 charred bodies inside.”

The Israeli army spokesman, Avichai Adraei, said that the gunmen who were in the car carried out shooting operations towards Israeli towns.

Witnesses told the Arab World News Agency (AWP) that they saw the dead inside the car after the attack, which Adraee said was carried out by an Israeli army drone.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant praised the operation that targeted the Palestinian car, and said, in a statement posted on Twitter: “The army carried out a targeted liquidation operation for a cell that was firing towards Israeli territory, and it had previously carried out several shooting operations.”

Gallant stressed that Israel will take a “preemptive offensive approach” and will use all available means to pursue what he called “Palestinian militants.”

In a new escalation unprecedented in years, the Israeli forces launched air raids on locations in the Jenin camp in the West Bank, after they raided the Jabriyat neighborhood in the camp two days ago and surrounded one of the homes of pursuers accusing them of being responsible for carrying out shooting operations.

Violent clashes took place throughout the camp, as Israeli snipers mounted rooftops to target Palestinian militants, according to Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath correspondent.

He also pointed out that Israeli Apache helicopters bombed Jenin for the first time in 22 years. He added that Israel pushed more military reinforcements to Jenin.

On the other hand, the Palestinian militants responded by firing bullets and using homemade explosive devices, which they had planted in the alleys of the camp and the surrounding streets.

As a result, 6 Israeli soldiers were injured, and prompted the Israeli forces to use helicopters to transport them.

These clashes came as tension escalated between Tel Aviv and the Palestinian Authority, especially after the Israeli government approved last Sunday plans to build 4,560 housing units in different areas of the West Bank, and included them on the agenda of the Israeli Supreme Planning Council, which meets next week, despite the fact that 1,332 units Only residential units are ready for final approval, while the rest is still subject to the initial approval process.

Since assuming power last January (2023), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition has approved the construction of more than seven thousand new housing units, most of them deep in the West Bank.

His short government also witnessed several clashes with the Palestinians, especially in Jenin and Gaza.

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