A study reveals exciting details about the favorite audio clips of Saudis

The Communications, Space and Technology Commission issued the first comprehensive analytical survey study of the digital content platforms market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the year 2022. The study provides data showing current market trends and future expectations. It also allows measuring the development and spread of digital platform services in the Kingdom, including: audio content platforms.

The study revealed that 98.9% of individuals in Saudi Arabia listen to audio clips online, and spend an average of 1 hour and 10 minutes listening per day.

The percentage of individuals who use a smartphone to listen to audio clips reached 99.5%, and the percentage of those who share audio clips with others reached 69.0%.

Listen to digital audio clips:

80% of individuals listen to audio clips via direct digital broadcast, while 67.2% of individuals listen to audio clips via download.

The average daily time spent listening to digital audio clips reached an hour and 10 minutes, as the average listening time for men reached an hour and five minutes per day, while the average listening time for women reached an hour and 16 minutes per day.

The study showed that the preferred language for listening to audio clips is Arabic with a rate of 95.6%, then the English language comes in second place with a rate of 21.3%.

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Types of digital audio clips that Saudis listen to:

Religious content by 80.7%.
Music and songs by 75.3%.
News by 45%.
stories by 40.2%.
Recorded radio programs by 31%.
30% hair clips.
Podcasts, by 27.2%.
Live online radio with 23.2%.

Audio content platforms:

The ranking of audio content platforms that are used to listen to audio clips online is as follows:

YouTube by 89.3%.
Websites and applications of the Holy Quran by 59.3%.
Anghami by 34.8%.
YouTube Music by 20.2%.
(SoundCloud) SoundCloud by 13.5%.
Apple Music by 10.6%.
Spotify, by 8.6%.
Audiobook sites and applications by 7.8%.
(Apple Podcast) Apple Podcast by 7.4%.
(TuneIn) platform by 5.3%.

Study methodology:

The authority indicated that the study was based on population data issued by the General Authority for Statistics in terms of demographic analysis of the population according to administrative regions, nationality, gender, and age groups – which included individuals between the ages of 10 and 74 years – with coverage of all administrative regions in the Kingdom.

The sample size of the study was 10,500 participants, 53% of whom were males, and 47% were females. According to nationality, 59% of the sample were Saudis, and 41% were non-Saudis.

The study methodology was based on three phases:

Determine the sample using the stratified random sample distribution strategy.

Collect data by conducting face-to-face interviews.

Using electronic devices to fill out forms and enter data.

To validate the data; The Authority has performed many tasks, including:

Review the collected data.

Field follow-up of data collectors.

Matching the coordinates of the questionnaire completion sites with the sample records.

Telephone contact with a random sample of participants later for the purpose of quality assurance.

Apply the rules of errors to ensure the accuracy and logic of the data.

The field survey implementation plan included several tasks, such as:

Preparing and examining electronic questionnaires.

Preparing a visitation plan.

Recruitment and training of researchers.

Data collection and follow-up.

Strict observation during the scanning process.

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