A video of a live shark that ran aground on the beach.. sweeping the communication sites

“Do not believe anything before you verify yourself.” These days, hundreds of rumors spread daily on social media, attached to fabricated photos and videos, and are widely circulated among social media pioneers. However, we always stress the importance of being accurate in the information we receive through various social media.

In this regard, a video clip of a whale that ran aground on land spread on social media. It was said to be a shark found in Morocco, which turned out to be untrue, as the video was filmed on a beach in Colombia in 2021, not in Morocco.

The video shows people gathered around a stranded whale on the beach, and some of them are trying to get it back into the water.

The publishers commented, “This shark was found in Morocco,” but it turned out that the video was old and was not filmed in Morocco.

By dividing it into static scenes, the research made it possible to find a better quality version in which the language of its speakers is heard clearly.

Agence France-Presse journalists in Bogota recognized the language heard in the recording, and confirmed that it is the Spanish language spoken by the people of Colombia, which denies that the video was filmed in Morocco.

A search using Spanish-language keywords such as “Columbia shark rescue” led to multiple versions of the video and the same event posted on several local news websites in April of 2021.

According to the video, the details stated that fishermen “helped a shark to return it to the sea” after it got stuck on a beach in the Chocó region, northwest of Colombia.

Now tell us, dear reader, what do you think of those fabricated news and videos that are spreading through social media?

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