After a month of consultations under Saudi auspices, the formation of the Hadhrami National Council was announced.

Hadrami political and societal forces, components and figures announced, on Tuesday, in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, the “Hadramout National Council”, as a political carrier for expressing the aspirations of the Hadrami community.

The announcement came at the conclusion of comprehensive consultations that lasted for a month under Saudi auspices, in order to come up with a unified vision regarding the future of the oil province within the framework of the final solution arrangements. to the conflict in Yemen.

The political and human rights document issued by the consultations, which was described as “comprehensive and responsible”, stipulated that the Hadramout National Council should include in its membership all of the members of the Hadhrami delegation participating in the consultations, the Hadhrami ministers in the Yemeni government, the governor, undersecretaries and assistant undersecretaries in Hadramout, and the governorate’s representatives in the House of Representatives and the Shura Council. .

The council also includes military and security leaders, heads of Hadrami components, academics, representatives of the women and youth sector, civil society organizations, Hadrami immigrants, and legal personalities.

The document stipulated that the door remains open for the active forces and personalities who adopt the Council’s vision to join. The document included a number of commitments, principles, and guarantor arrangements.

Participants in the consultations stressed that the unity of Hadramout and the right of its people to manage their economic, political and security affairs will remain the highest priority for the Hadrami components and forces.

Those Hadrami components and forces acknowledged the political and social pluralism in Hadramout, and the right of all its components to practice their political activity in a democratic manner and without imposing tutelage on one side, in a way that does not threaten the unity of ranks and the social fabric, and promotes the values ​​of fair partnership.

It also affirmed its commitment to the common goals with the Saudi-led Legitimacy Support Coalition, the declaration of the transfer of power, the impartiality of the president and members of the Presidential Leadership Council and its supporting bodies and the leaders of the supreme authority, and not employing or using their constitutional duties to achieve political gains.

The Hadrami components pledged to neutralize the state’s service, security and military institutions from any intra-disputes that would harm public interests and exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in Hadramout.

The Hadhrami political and human rights document affirmed its support for any gradual measures that seek to address grievances and find agreed-upon mechanisms for the transition to a final political settlement, without canceling the desires of local communities to re-determine their destinies through the various governing institutions.

Houthi militia members in Yemen

He also stressed the importance of the initiative of Saudi Arabia and the coalition countries to support the efforts of the local authority to improve the living and service conditions in Hadramout, and to intervene urgently to prevent a broader economic collapse and to work by all means to resume oil exports from the ports of Hadramout and the liberated areas.

The Hadrami components called for strengthening the armed and security forces with new blood from the people of Hadramout, improving their field and armament position, and preventing the establishment of any military formations outside state institutions.

Earlier, on Tuesday, the head of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council, Rashad Al-Alimi, called, in an expanded meeting with the local authority, leaders, notables, and social figures participating in the Hadrami consultations sponsored by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the people of Hadramout Governorate to enhance the great status they immortalized for their ancient province in the memory of Generations as a cradle of human civilization.

The head of the Presidential Leadership Council affirmed the keenness of the Council and the government to support the efforts of the local authority in enhancing security and public tranquility, and alleviating the human suffering of citizens, and in the forefront finding radical solutions for the electricity sector and basic services, in a way that befits the pioneering role of Hadramout Governorate in various fields.

He praised the positive atmosphere that prevailed in the consultations of the people of Hadhramaut Governorate and their components, and the efforts of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to distance Hadhramaut Governorate and the liberated areas from any internal disputes, and devote themselves to confronting the project of the Guardianship of the Jurist that lurks in everyone, according to what was stipulated in the announcement of the transfer of power, and the strategic goals of the Presidential Leadership Council.

Al-Alimi praised the role of Hadramout in the race to fight the imamate, defeat the forces of extremism and terrorism, and receive the displaced fleeing the war of the Houthi militia, as the best representation of the state community and the civilized project that the Yemeni people seek everywhere.

The Hadhrami consultations began in Riyadh on May 19. The Hadrami components said that the consultations came out of keenness to distance Hadhramaut from any tensions or inter-disputes.

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