Divorced Nelly Karim faces the crises of the new generation in “Why not?”

The third season of the social drama “Why not” will start on the 22nd of this June, in which Nelly Karim will star, and Salah Abdullah, Ahmed Tariq, Nadine Farouk and Moataz Hisham will participate with her, provided that the work will be shown through the “Watch VIP” platform.

The series is an idea by Sarah Al-Tobji and written by the “Sard” workshop led by Maryam Naoum, while Nadine Khan handles the directing process.

Salah Abdullah

15 episodes consisting of the third part, during which Nelly Karim presents the character of a divorced woman named “Sherry”, who has a teenage son, and a young daughter who plays Farida Ragab.

Where the work monitors the pressures that parents impose on their children, and the difficulties that women face when they deal with raising children alone, in light of the transformations that society is witnessing.

  From the social drama, Why Not - Nelly Karim and Nadine Farouk

From the social drama, Why Not – Nelly Karim and Nadine Farouk

Nelly Karim commented on the character she presents, confirming that she is a model for many women who face great difficulties in raising children in adolescence and turning into young men, especially when women tackle this task alone.

The Egyptian actress confirmed that the series succeeded in securing a distinguished position among viewers through the issues it raises, which we need to discuss in our society.

Writer Maryam Naoum indicated that the vision, since the start of writing the “Why Not” series, is to raise and discuss social issues that are not discussed seriously enough, stressing that the series may extend for many seasons because the nature of the series bears raising many issues and ideas, especially those related to women.

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