Moscow repels a Ukrainian attack in Donetsk, and Kiev mobilizes on the Belarusian border

Russia’s military operation in Ukraine today, Wednesday, A new day of fighting and escalationwhere Russia is trying to reap more gains on the ground and control more Ukrainian lands, while Kiev forces are trying to regain its lands, with logistical and military assistance from the West.

In the latest field developments, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated, this morning, Wednesday, that the Russian Aerospace Forces managed to repel an attack by Ukrainian forces on the Tursky axis in the Donetsk People’s Republic, noting that the Ukrainian army suffered heavy losses.

Russia has accused Ukraine of mobilizing large forces on the Belarusian border, while the Ukrainian counterattack continues in the south amid conflicting data about the field equation of battles between the two sides. According to the Russian statement, the deployment of a large military contingent along the border with Belarus was monitored, which is planning infiltration by reconnaissance groups.

Reports of a surprise Russian attack

Also on the ground, the German magazine “Bild” said that Russia launched a surprise attack on the axes of Kharkov and Luhansk, stressing that few people expected this to happen. And the magazine reported that the Russian army launched an attack in the direction of Luhansk, as it approached Kobyansk to a distance of two kilometers, against the background of data about the ongoing counterattack of the Ukrainian forces, and it also said that the Russian forces took control of positions near Kremnaya, located on the borders of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

The magazine also refers to the American analysis center, the Institute for the Study of War, whose data confirms the Russian attack. Military experts told the magazine that the counterattack by Ukrainian forces will continue for another two to three weeks. According to his expectations, the Russian armed forces will confront these attacks.

Sergey Shoigu (archive from Reuters)

Immediately hit decision-making centers

This comes as Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Kiev forces are planning to target Crimea with “Himars” and “Storm Shadow” missiles, warning that Russia will respond by striking decision-making centers in Ukraine immediately.

Shoigu issued this warning during a meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry’s board of directors in Moscow on Tuesday. Shoigu said that since June 4, Ukrainian forces have launched 263 attacks on Russian positions, all of which have been repelled.

The minister added that Kiev continues its attempts to launch attacks on the axes of southern Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Donetsk, using elite formations trained by NATO specialists.

It is noteworthy that after Britain provided, in early May, a batch of “Storm Shadow” missiles, which have a range of 300 km, to Kiev, the Ukrainian forces targeted a number of Russian regions, including the city of Luhansk. And there were reports that London had received assurances from Ukraine that these missiles would only be used to hit “the territory under the sovereignty of Ukraine”, and not Russian territory.

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