On a unique adventure.. An Algerian heads to Mecca in his old car to perform Hajj

Visiting the Great Mosque of Mecca is a dream for many in Algeria, especially for the elderly who see the performance of the Hajj as an opportunity that must be seized wherever it comes, especially since it is not available every year under conditions imposed by the government to choose the lucky ones among the visitors of the Sacred House of God.

The conditions set by the Algerian government for choosing those involved in Hajj this year do not seem important to the young Shaaban from the province of Khenchela, eastern Algeria, who decided to undertake a unique adventure of visiting Mecca on board his old car.

Activists circulated on social networks a group of pictures of the Algerian youth, who managed to realize his dream of traveling to Mecca by land on board his old “Renault 4” car. As the young Shaaban’s journey from Algeria to Saudi Arabia lasted 17 days, after it began on the first of June 2023.

The adventure that Shaaban undertook was not easy for him, rather it was fraught with dangers, as the son of the city of Khenchela arrived in Medina and then Makkah Al-Mukarramah after great challenges, especially since he traveled a long distance in an old car dating back to the sixties, but his desire to travel to perform the Hajj overcame all difficulties. .

People close to the young man said that he tried to enter through Egypt, but it was not possible for him, so he continued his journey, passing through seven countries, which are “Tunisia, Libya, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and finally Saudi Arabia.”

Shaaban’s adventure caught the attention of many Facebook activists, as many expressed their surprise at the story, because the trip was on board the old and uncomfortable “Renault 4”. And Muhammad wrote: “I doubt the validity of this news. Is it possible for a person to travel in an old car like this to the holy places … an adventure closer to imagination than reality?”

However, other activists expressed their admiration for the courage of the Algerian youth, who decided to follow his dream, despite his young age and the old age of his car. Sana commented, saying: “What an adventure, an accepted pilgrimage and a forgiven sin.”

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