The Saudi-Iranian reconciliation will put an end to interference in the region

Dr confirmed. Ayman Soussan, the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister, said that Syria views its return to the League of Arab States as a convergence of the Arab family contract, which must reflect well on everyone internationally.

Soussan pointed out that when relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran are good, this helps in achieving breakthroughs in the region, especially in terms of resolving some of the existing problems.

Soussan’s statements came in an exclusive interview with on the sidelines of the twentieth round of Astana meetings on Syria in the Kazakh capital, Astana. Details of the dialogue are below.

– How does Syria see its return to participate in the meetings of the League of Arab States?

The natural thing is for all Arab countries to be together, side by side in order to face the challenges facing all Arabs, and in order to respond to the various challenges related to development, and those related to fortifying Arab national security, because as we know we live today in the era of blocs and states, regardless of their size. If it moves individually, its effectiveness and feasibility of action remains very limited, while when you rely on your brothers the situation is different, especially since there are many ties between the people of the Arab nation, and there are many common denominators, and there are many common interests, so we look at this return as reconciling. For the Arab family contract, which must reflect well on everyone internationally.

from the Astana meetings

– How does Syria see the return of Saudi-Iranian relations?

– Iran and Saudi Arabia are two big countries in our region, and they have a great weight and influence, so when the relations between the two countries are good, this helps in achieving breakthroughs in the region, especially in terms of resolving some of the problems in the region, and such relations and these breakthroughs, and this reconciliation that It will have an effect by putting an end to foreign interference in our affairs as countries in this region, because the hardest thing this region has suffered is external interference in its affairs that does not concern it first and foremost except its interests and not the interests of the countries and peoples of the region.

How will Syria deal with the dilemma of an armed Kurdish faction controlling Syrian territory?

– This shows the state of loss experienced by this organization or the owners of this project, and I confirm that they have no share of success in Syria. Unfortunately, these people have accepted themselves to be a tool for the American project in Syria, and without the American presence they are not worth anything. They have agreed to be tools for this. The project is in order to strike the unity of Syria, and as I told you, this project has no share of success because it is rejected by the Syrians and rejected by the state, and the facts confirm that it has no share of success, but in this context I confirm that this faction does not represent the Syrian Kurds, the Kurds Who are an integral part of the Syrian national fabric, but we have to know that many, many leaders of this organization and its ideology are alien to Syria and people came from outside Syria from the Qandil Mountains, and I believe when their conviction is established that they do not mean anything to the Americans, and that they are just A tool in his project, and when this need is gone, he will throw them as he threw others, and the Afghan example is still present in the minds, so we hope for this some that this mist over his eyes will disappear, and if there are some things we can through dialogue and under the roof of the one unified Syrian homeland to reach In this dialogue of ours, there are matters that meet the requirements of everyone, but if they accept themselves to be a tool for the Americans in order to strike at the unity of Syria, we have no choice but to confront them.

– Are there American pressures to end the Astana process?

– I do not want to get ahead of things. Astana has achieved a lot in terms of reducing the area of ​​terrorism in Syria, through the de-escalation zones. It could have achieved more if the Turkish side had adhered to the understandings reached, and we feel great gratitude to the government and people of Kazakhstan for embracing it. Twenty rounds of the Astana formula in order to help Syria overcome this crisis, and we respect the decision of the Kazakh government, because there are historical relations between us and Kazakhstan, and this will not affect these relations in anything, the brothers in Kazakhstan may have some circumstances and they have reached the conviction that they have achieved what They want this decision, in any case we thank them very much.

– And what about the possibility of achieving Turkish-Syrian military cooperation to confront the separatist project?

– I tell you everything that seems difficult or impossible to us can be achieved. This is how we learned in politics, but in order for this to be achieved there are requirements that must be met, and the first of these requirements is Turkey’s approval of a complete withdrawal from the Syrian lands, according to a specific timetable and the implementation of this withdrawal. And when this thing is achieved, the fields will be open for various forms of cooperation with Turkey in a way that serves the national security of both countries.

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