59 American companies feed the Russian war machine.. How is that?!

Despite Western assurances of success Massive penalties imposed on Russia since the launch of its invasion of Ukraine, the reality on the ground appears to be different.

Moscow was able to exploit the loopholes in those sanctions, in order to purchase huge amounts of Western technology, which it used and is still fighting its battles on Ukrainian soil.

As the information showed that more than 60% of the basic components imported to supply Russian arms manufacturing come from American companies.

Russia imported about $20.3 billion from the West, components related to military equipment, between March and December last year (2022), according to an analysis by the KSE Institute, a think tank at the Kiev School of Economics.

This number represents a decrease of only 15% from the year before the Russian invasion in February 2022, according to Newsweek.

And companies located in the United States produced 64% of these dual-use goods (that is, components that can be used for military purposes, as well as for ordinary consumer products such as cars and home appliances between March and December, according to Russian trade figures).

Russian suicide drones – Sputnik

59 American companies

Separate data compiled by Ukrainian authorities showed that 66 percent of vital foreign components found in weapon systems used by the Russian military were manufactured by US-based companies.

It also showed that among the 155 foreign companies whose main components were found in Russian military equipment, 59 of them were based in the United States.

Kiev has found imported chips, transponders, transistors, switches and other hardware and parts in four types of Russian-made Kh-59, Kh-101, Kalibr and Iskander-K cruise missiles.

Russian missiles (expressive - iStock)

Russian missiles (expressive – iStock)

Similar foreign technology is found in seven types of Russian armored vehicles and artillery units, including the Tor-M, a short-range air defense missile system, and the T-72 battle tank.

It also discovered imported components in seven different types of drones, including the Russian Orlan-10 and two Iranian models, Shahed 131 and 136.

How do you transfer?

The mode of transportation is through the Caucasus and parts of Central Asia and the Middle East. But business data shows that China It is by far the largest carrier of microchips and other technology to Russia.

Between October and December, Moscow imported 87 percent of its “microchips” from vendors in China, even though only 40 percent was made on Chinese soil.

It is noteworthy that the United States and other countries in the Group of Seven countries approved new sanctions last month (May 2023) to limit Russia’s access to dual-use goods.

This came three months after US President Joe Biden’s administration announced new rules to restrict technology trade between Moscow and Washington.

But Kiev’s allies still face major obstacles in strengthening and imposing these sanctions on the private sector!

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