After his mockery of her husband’s “Jewishness”… the first lady of Ukraine responds to Putin: shameful

Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska has broken her silence to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin over comments he made last week calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish, “a disgrace to the Jewish people.”

And it was Putin said during an economic forum Held in St. Petersburg last Friday, “I have a lot of Jewish friends. They say Zelensky is not a Jew but a disgrace to the Jewish people. I’m not joking.”

Zelenska said during an interview with a newspaper “Jerusalem Post” The Israeli said it was “very disgraceful… I don’t know how, in a political context, you can discuss someone’s race at all.”

Zelenska expressed her hope that Israel would agree to send early warning systems to Ukraine to counter Russian air attacks more effectively.

“I think it is up to Israel to decide whether or not to provide sufficient assistance” to Ukraine, said Zelenska, who is on a visit to Israel.

And she added, “We know that there is a huge potential in Israel and we know that there is technology that we desperately need, but it is up to them.”

Olena Zelenska

Israel refrained from supplying weapons to Ukraine in the aftermath of the Russian military operation that began in February 2022. It justified the reason for its hesitation by its strategic need to maintain freedom of operations in Syria, where Russian forces largely control the airspace.

Israel provided more than $22.5 million in humanitarian aid and set up a field hospital to treat wounded Ukrainians during the early days of the war.

And last March, Hebrew media reports stated that Israel had authorized the sale of defensive military systems to Ukraine for the first time, as they could be used to repel drone attacks.

It is noteworthy that Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced last Friday that his country had transferred a first set of nuclear weapons to Belarus, in a practical translation of what Moscow previously announced in March, noting that Russia has “more nuclear weapons than NATO,” stressing : “The use of nuclear weapons is possible if we face a threat to our security.”

“The first nuclear warheads have been transferred to the territory of Belarus. It is only the first. By the end of summer, we will complete this work completely,” Putin said during an economic forum in St. Petersburg (northwest), which was reported live by Russian television.

He stated that the “deployment of tactical nuclear weapons” in Belarus was the result of an agreement announced in March with President Alexander Lukashenko, who put his country’s territory at Moscow’s disposal to attack Ukraine. Putin considered that this matter constitutes a deterrent to “those who think of inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia.”

Putin said the counterattack by Ukrainian forces had “no chance” of success.

Putin told the Economic Forum in St. Petersburg: “Ukrainian forces do not have any chance there or in other regions.”

The Russian President added: “While we are talking now, there is an attempt by the Ukrainian army on the Vrimivsk axis, the enemy is trying to attack a number of areas using several units supported by 5 tanks, and on the Zaporizhia axis also with the support of two tanks and a few armored vehicles, when they reached the first line they lost a few Tanks, the battle is taking place in these moments,” quoting the Russian “TASS” agency.

He added, saying: “Russia can destroy parts of central Kiev if it wanted, but we chose not to do so.”

Putin revealed that the losses of the Ukrainian army during the implementation of the counterattack exceeded the losses of the Russian army by more than 10 times, noting that the losses of Kiev from tanks exceeded 186 tanks.

At that time, Putin mentioned that his Jewish friends consider Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky “a disgrace to the Jewish people.” He explained: “I have many Jewish friends from childhood, they say that Zelensky is not a Jew, but rather a disgrace to the Jewish people. This is not a joke, because the neo-Nazis, Hitler’s successors, sat on the platform of Ukraine as if they were heroes.”

Putin: We destroyed Leopard tanks

Putin revealed the destruction of a number of Leopard tanks on Thursday and Friday, noting that if Kiev is provided with F-16 fighters, the same fate will await it.

Putin said: “They are studying options to provide Kiev with planes. There are attempts on one axis to attack with two companies supported by 5 tanks, and on another axis, about a company and a half supported by two tanks. The tanks are burning. A few tanks were destroyed, including the Leopard tanks. It was like that yesterday.” Also, the Leopards are destroyed, they’re on fire, and so will the F-16s, there’s no doubt about that.”

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