I can’t imagine myself without you!

In a public post, on his Instagram account, read by millions around the world, the Paris Saint-Germain striker confessed Neymar to his pregnant girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi, of infidelity.

The Brazilian star published a lengthy statement that achieved seven million likes within hours, in which he sent a message to his girlfriend, the model, publicly apologizing to her and his family for the suffering he had caused.

I was wrong

And the world football star wrote a comment attached to a picture of them, in which he said, “I offer this apology for you and for the sake of the family. I realized how much you were in danger, how much I suffered from all this and how much you want to be by my side and I am by your side. I was wrong.”

He also added in the same message that he wants to continue with Bruna, his partner since last year, stressing that he always dreams of living with her, according to what was reported by the “Daily Star” website. He said, “I cannot imagine myself without you. I do not know if (my apology) will work, but today you are sure that I want to present it to you sincerely. My belief is that our love for our child will triumph, and our relationship will strengthen our love for each other.”

The case of the Brazilian star’s betrayal was widely reported in the Brazilian press after a famous Brazilian woman, Fernanda Campos, said that she had an affair with Neymar a few days ago.

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