US Coast Guard: We found wreckage near the Titanic

While the world holds its breath waiting for anything new about Submarine “Titan” Which disappeared from the radar since last Sunday, the US Coast Guard announced Thursday, the discovery of a wreck site near Titanic ship.

And he added, in a statement on Thursday about the new developments, that the information is now being evaluated after the discovery of the wreck.

This came hours after he announced that a water march had reached the ocean floor to search for The lost submarineHe pointed out that his forces are continuing efforts to rescue the vehicle, despite the possibility of running out of oxygen.

At the wreck of the Titanic

These developments come as the search efforts that are being carried out, from the sea and the air, by teams of multiple nationalities, came together today, Thursday, over the area where the wreckage of the Titanic lay a hundred years ago, in the hope of finding that submarine that does not exceed the size of a small van, which is operated by
Oceangate Expeditions in the United States.

The company said that the submarine moved with enough air for 96 hours, which means that Oxygen tanks It probably ran out sometime this morning after 120 hours of absence.

However, experts have made it clear that the actual duration of the air depends on various factors, such as whether the submarine is still intact and how calm those in it are, according to Reuters.

She disappeared days ago

The submarine disappeared last Sunday, after descending to see the wreckage of the century-old “Titanic” ship at a depth of 4,000 meters below the surface of the water, in the North Atlantic Ocean, after an hour and 45 minutes of diving with 5 passengers on board.

They set off on an expedition at a cost of $250,000 per person, and they are the British billionaire Himish Harding (58 years old) and the businessman of Pakistani origin Shahzadeh Dawood (48 years old) and his son Suleiman (19 years old), and the two are British citizens, in addition to the French explorer Paul Henry Nargolit, 77, and founder and CEO of Oceangate Expeditions, Rush Stockton.

As for the wreckage of the Titanic, the world’s most famous ship, it hit an iceberg and sank on its first voyage in 1912, lying at a depth of 3,810 meters, approximately 1,450 km east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and 644 km south of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

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