After the spread of her skinny photos.. Shaima Seif, “You encouraged me to be weaker.”

After the communication sites were buzzing with a group of photos, its publishers claimed that it showed the Egyptian actress Shaima Saif And she lost a lot of weight, it turned out that these pictures are not real, but rather the result of an artificial intelligence program.

The artist expressed her happiness with the comments she received after publishing a set of photos of her that were processed with artificial intelligence technology.

In her first comment, Shaimaa revealed that she had not lost weight, but she made it clear that she was encouraged to do so, thanking her fans who designed her with artificial intelligence.

And she wrote on Instagram: “Oh, good evening to all the sweet people. You all ask me if you have lost me. Unfortunately, I will shock you and tell you that I am still not afraid, as you see.”

And she added: “I do not deny that the pictures encouraged me very much, because they are made as a masterpiece, and I thank the beautiful fans who made me aware of what they did, so that they encouraged me to think soon. I will take this step.”

with artificial intelligence

It is noteworthy that the pictures received hundreds of posts from several pages on the “Facebook” site, but many commentators questioned their authenticity, as some indicated that they appeared in a series during the last month of Ramadan, and it is impossible that they lost all this weight in a short period, while others suggested. The images are the product of artificial intelligence programs.

It turned out that it was posted on an account on the Instagram site, which indicated that it was generated through an artificial intelligence program, and the Egyptian actress, who is famous for her comedic roles, re-shared this post, which explicitly says that the images are the result of artificial intelligence through the “Al-Story” feature on her Instagram account.

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