“He rapes me and blackmails me.” An Egyptian singer seeks help from her husband

A young Egyptian singer sparked controversy on Facebook, after she posted a distress call for what she is being subjected to by her composer husband, indicating that he beats, rapes and blackmails her.

In the details, singer Mirna Tariq sought help from her husband, composer Ahmed Al-Brazil, through a post in one of the private groups on the social networking site.

Mirna Tariq’s distress via Facebook

And she wrote in the post: “I, Mirna Tariq, and my husband, the composer Ahmed Al-Brazil, are being blackmailed and threatened by my husband who beats me and rapes me, and blackmails me with needs with him and I don’t know what to do. My daughter is a need for me and my daughter, then he is the one who did this to me. I hope you share a lot and pray for me to the most senior official in Egypt. I die every second.

She also published a video clip confirming that she went to the police station to file a non-disclosure report, confirming that she was the owner of the distress post.

The immersed singer explained, through her account, that at first she challenged her family to marry the composer Ahmed Al-Brazil, noting that they rejected this connection, which led to the severing of relations between her and her family, so she decided to remain silent until he began to beat and abuse her 6 months ago, indicating that she could no longer bear it. now.

It is noteworthy that Mirna Tariq, a young singer, presented one song entitled “Gayareen” last year, which was produced by her husband, and wrote at the time on Facebook, “Praise be to God.. After four years of effort and fatigue, a video clip of Ghayareen was released. This is thanks to your prayers and support for me, God willing, you will like it .. Thank you. My husband, composer Ahmed Al-Brazil, for his hard work with me over the years, to make me appear in the best way, and I thank all the people who worked hard with me in the song, so that they could see something sweet in the studio and in filming the clip.

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