In a dress of money.. A video of an Egyptian student graduating is causing an uproar

A video clip of a student from Sohag Governorate, during her graduation ceremony, was spread on social media in Egypt, wearing a dress made of money.

The video, which spread like wildfire, showed the girl’s father covering his daughter with cash denominations of the Egyptian currency, in honor of her obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree, which sparked widespread anger on the communication sites.

‘Harmful comments’

Student Noura Adel, who appeared in the video with a robe made of money, said that the comments were harmful, noting that the matter was nothing more than a way for her family to celebrate her success. According to what was reported by the “Cairo 24” website.

She also indicated that she did not want to publish the video, astonished by the spread of the video so quickly.

Controversy to communicate

On the other hand, many of the pioneers of the communication sites criticized the way the father celebrated his daughter’s graduation, considering that the video was provocative and an attempt to “ride the trend.”

While others believed that it is the right of the father and his daughter to celebrate the way they see as correct as long as they do not transgress anyone.

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