Opening an investigation into Iran sending weapons to Russia is unjustified

Moscow’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, confirmed today, Friday, that an investigation into… Iran sends weapons to Russia not justified.

He also said in a press conference from New York that Western countries presented unconvincing arguments about supporting Russia marches.

His speech came as a comment on what Washington’s representative to the United Nations, Linda Thomas, said, “We are concerned about Iran sending drones to Russia.”

It also continued, “It is forbidden to transfer any weapons to Russia without the approval of the Security Council.”

Parade Factory

The White House said earlier this month that Russia receives materials from Iran to build a factory for drones on its territory.

Today, Friday, a spokesman for the National Security Council at the White House, John Kirby, said that Russia “is receiving materials from Iran to build a factory for drones” on its soil, pointing out that the facility “may be able to operate at full capacity early next year.”

Kirby also made it clear that Moscow used Iranian marches to attack Kiev, stressing that the military partnership between the Russians and the Iranians seems to be increasing.

He also confirmed that Tehran had offered the Russians unprecedented defense cooperation, including missiles, electronics and air defence, according to AFP. He considered that this full defense cooperation between the two countries is harmful to Ukraine and Iran’s neighbors alike.

John Kirby emphasized that Iran is seeking, in return, to obtain billions of dollars worth of Russian military equipment.

Drone (Reuters)

Since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war in February of last year 2022, America has imposed several sanctions on suppliers of military equipment or marches to Russia, as has the European Union.

Although Tehran previously denied its involvement in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and confirmed that it did not sell marches to the Russian forces.

Moscow, in turn, previously denied these accusations, stressing that it does not need military support from abroad.

However, Kiev repeatedly showed pictures of the wreckage of the drone launched by the Russian forces, proving that it was an Iranian industry.

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