Pressure tore them to pieces.. What did the victims of “Titan” feel in their last moments?

Wealthy did not know Submarine “Titan” When they decide to embark on their expedition, they will become the talk of the world.

The five victims have not been absent from the news bulletins since their submarine disappeared last Sunday morning, which has become “fate Sunday”.

So what did those who were betrayed by their submarine feel at the last moment?

A former naval doctor revealed what Titan’s victims experienced in comparison to an accident sinking “Titanic” 1912.

The former director of undersea medicine and radiological health for the US Navy, Dr. Dale Molly, confirmed that the deaths were quick and painless, explaining that the unusual forces exerted by the ocean at depth accelerate death.

He pointed out that the matter may be surprising, since the victims do not even know that there is a problem, or what will happen to them.

He also added that it seems as if there is one minute in which the life switch is turned off, so that a person is alive for a second and dead in another.

He continued that the pressure structure is the room in which the passengers reside, and it seems as if they reached the bottom when the pressure vessel exploded, which explodes back at once, stressing: “They were torn to pieces.”

He pointed out that implosion It occurs when the pressure wave is inward, while the explosion occurs when the pressure wave or shock wave comes out from any source, as if the balloon was inflated a lot, and it will eventually explode when there is intense pressure, according to the Daily Mail.

Untold tragedy

The Titan, operated by US-based Oceangate Expeditions, set off on a two-hour flight on Sunday morning, but lost contact with the support vessel about an hour and 45 minutes later.

On board were the British billionaire Himish Harding (58 years), the businessman of Pakistani origin, Shahzada Dawood (48 years), and his son Suleiman (19 years), and the two were British citizens, in addition to the French explorer Paul Henry Nargolet (77 years), founder and president Ocean Jet Expeditions CEO Rush Stockton, on a trip that cost each of them $250,000, and most importantly, their lives!

In addition, Coast Guard officials announced the discovery of five large parts of Titan’s wreck, which are 6.7 meters long, including the tail cone and two parts of the submarine’s hull. However, there was no mention of whether human remains were seen at the site.

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